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One of the most effective moves in preventing the spread of HIV and AIDs is the testing and if needed, treatment of any sexually transmitted diseases, otherwise known as STDs. It is very important to understand that there is a connection between HIV infection and STDs, and this can help with an HIV prevention program that is going to help people that are in those high-risk sexual activities.

What Are the Suggestions for HIV Prevention?

Good STD testing, prevention, and treatment can help prevent the transmission of HIV through sex. Beyond that, STD trends can provide great insights as to where the epidemic of HIV will grow, Sexually Transmitted Diseases surveillance data is a big help in forecasting where these HIV rates will increase. Better links are still needed between STD and HIV prevention so that the world can help to prevent both epidemics or at least get them under control.

Here are a few recommendations that have been made by the CDC:

  1. Early detection along with treatment of STDs that are curable should be part of state, local, and nationwide HIV prevention programs.
  2. In areas where STDs that help transmit HIV are prevalent, there need to be expanded screening and treatment programs.
  3. HIV testing should always be performed on someone that has STDs
  4. STD and HIV prevention programs within the US, along with other partners, should help to implement strategies.
  5. CHAC/CDC also notes that the early detection along with treatment of these STDs should be combined with other measures for HIV prevention programs.


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