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We provide treatment for Weight Management in and around Brownsville, Laredo, Zapata, South Padre Island, and McAllen, TX, and Monterrey and Reynosa in Mexico.

A person can also be genetically predisposed to obesity, meaning that they are far more prone to putting on weight and find it even more difficult than most to lose it. Some illnesses and conditions also predispose a person to being overweight, and some medications have the same effect.

Many patients find it extremely difficult to lose weight, and 95% of those who do will have regained all or almost all of the weight lost within five years. By far the most scientifically backed up method of minimising the economic burden of obesity-related diseases and illnesses seems to be simply to encourage everyone to eat a reasonably healthy balanced diet, to exercise with relative frequency, and not to overly concern themselves with their obesity.

Genetic, socio-economic and environmental factors are by far the most likely reasons for a person to have become overweight or obese, and they are not things that it is possible to treat in a medical setting. Rather, it is important to bear in mind the results of the most recent and up to date studies, and concentrate on a patient’s health rather than on their overall body mass.


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